"I'd go to the end of the world for her. Or Time"

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So I was watching the finale for like the millionth time today and I saw this look that Hook gave and I was like Hot DAYUM! Then I was like wait a moment I’ve seen that look somewhere before and then I remembered…

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Would you stay, if I asked you to?

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This whole ordeal makes me wonder if there’s such a thing as true love.

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it means the world to me when i recommend films or albums to people and they actually follow through and give it a chance and end up loving it and thanking me like it’s the best feeling in the world

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ouat gif battle | outfits
emptyicee vs colinodonorgasm

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@onceon5 @colinodonoghue1 #askColin why do they keep making Hook hit the floor??

Because I’m really good at the funky worm #AskColin (x)

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Ok, true facts.


You know why Emma can see past Killian’s past and recognize and appreciate how much he’s changed?

Because she’s changed herself

Emma’s past may not be as dark as Killian’s, but she’s not a saint. Abandoned and alone in the world, she resorted to petty theft to survive. She’s spent time in prison (not of her own making). But she came out emotionally closed off from the world, albeit law abiding and busting the ass of people who tried to run from consequences.

It took her son finding her, coming to this crazy fairy tale town, breaking a curse, finding out her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming and yes, meeting Captain Hook for her to finally begin to heal from all of her emotional baggage and cracks in her heart. For Emma to become a person who can accept love in her life and find a home. She just needed someone to believe in her and give her a chance.

Now when Emma looks at Killian is kinda like looking in a mirror. They both suffered from a lack of love in their lives. They both found ways of coping that at the end of the day weren’t very healthy. Emma had her ONS and bail bondsing and Killian had his revenge. But the impulse is the same. So when Killian says he wants revenge for the death of his love and the loss of his hand, Emma understands that. She doesn’t condone it, she doesn’t encourage him. She warns him that it’s not worth it because she’s been there.

It takes Killian some time to come to that same realization but once he does, he is inspired by Emma. He comes back with the bean, offers his ship and services to find her son. He braves a world he hates to help her. He saves her father so she doesn’t get hurt. Emma sees him changing, sees his effort. Emma knows how difficult it is to change decades long behavior and coping mechanisms, because she did it herself, hell, she’s still changing. Henry inspired Emma, now Emma is inspiring Killian. And it’s a beautiful thing.

They are mirror images of each other who have intense feelings for each other, and learning to navigate this new life they find themselves in. Two broken people figuring out that their broken pieces might just fit together into a pretty amazing whole. Emma has been through what Killian’s going through right now. They are both did some fucked up things in their lives and are working to be better people. They just happen to be doing it together, because they understand each other. No one’s absolving anyone of anything. But Emma knows that if she can change and be better then so can Killian. That’s one of the reasons why they work.

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parents who try to shelter their children from every little thing that could possibly corrupt them are going to have some fucked up kids


I feel like this ask should be a part of this post

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Hook is the first person who hasn’t let her down.

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appreciate brown eyes more bc the people with brown eyes are grown up forcing to believe fuckin blue and green and grey are beautiful and either detest or get incredibly happy when someone compliments their eye color stop letting this happen

there are people with brown eyes reblogging this and theyre talking about still being sad with their eye color and this is exactly why we need hype about brown eyes

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snow white appreciation week | day 7

happiest moments: finding her family

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Captain Swan + 8 times they could have kissed but they didn’t

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it wont be because of any trickery
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legit just saw a post that said Emma was too hot to end up with someone with a hook for a hand as a love interest and I just (I mean, props to recognizing Emma’s hotness but)

I mean


it’s a damn shame


about that hook


being so damn homely


why would anyone ever


ew amirite?


and she is clearly unaffected


never mind


"There is something weirdly sexy about that hook." - JMo

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